3D Puzzle Children

New! 3D Puzzle for Children!
(Note: Unsuitable for age 3 and below due to small parts)
Unlike traditional 2D puzzle, 3D puzzle add a whole new dimension and challenge level! Watch how the flat pieces transform into a 3D structure.
Stimulate your kid’s brain, promote creativity, improve hand-eye coordination, develops logical thinking, cultivate patience and perseverance, enhance social skills by putting the pieces together with friends or family.
Made of paper and EPS foam board. Convenient to assemble.
No glue or scissors required.
1 for $6.90
15 Model to choose from
The packaging are as shown below:
(1) Find the base of the puzzle.
(2) It is easier to start building from the centre of the base.
(3)Carefully push the puzzle pieces out.
(4) There are numbers on all the board. Just locate the puzzle pieces with the matching number. Insert the correct puzzle piece into the slots.
(4) Be careful not to exert too much strength as there are after all made of paper and foam.

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