Peppa Pig Story Book

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Peppa Pig Story Books

1 for $4.90

Size: 20 x 20 cm

The Peppa Pig range of books are fun, interactive and educational, ideal for encouraging children to start to read by themselves.

(1) Peppa’s First Glasses

24 pages

Pedro Pony can’t see very well without his glasses. And Peppa Pig is sure she can’t see very well either. So Mummy Pig takes her to see Mr Pony, the optician, and Peppa has an eye test. But does she really need glasses? Find out in this new Peppa Pig storybook that is perfect for reading and sharing together.


(2) Peppa Goes Skiing

24 pages

Peppa and her friends are learning how to ski with Madame Gazelle, the skiing world champion. But when Mummy Pig goes on the grown-up slope, she ends up skiing all the way down the mountain! Will Mummy Pig win Madame Gazelle’s world championship cup? Find out in this funny Peppa Pig tale that is perfect for reading and sharing together.


(3) Peppa Meets The Queen

24 pages

Hip, hip, hooray! The Queen is going to award Miss Rabbit a medal for all her hard work. What will happen when Peppa and her friends go to the palace to meet Her Majesty?


(4) Peppa Plays Football

24 pages

Peppa Pig and Suzy Sheep like playing tennis, but when all their friends arrive and they don’t have enough raquets Daddy Dog propose they play football instead. But what will happen when they decide to play girls against boys? Find out in this delightful piggy tale.


(5) Peppa Pig’s Family Computer

24 pages

Mummy Pig is working at home on the family computer but Peppa and George want to play ‘Happy Mrs Chicken’. Can Daddy Pig come to the rescue and fix the frozen computer?


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